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Big or Small, What Really is Success?

Vince Lombardi once said, "The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary." This really resonated with me today because I took a step back and thought about the definition of success and what that really means. Clearly what has happened at the capital did not seem very successful, but some may say it made an impact. Good or bad, let's not delve on those opinions verbally.

However, if you look at the facts, unrest in our nation has proven successful in some ways. Today, our stocks climbed towards new records and if you look at the land of real estate during a pandemic, sellers are experiencing multiple over asking price offers. In fact, one Porchlight real estate agent had 175 showings and multiple offers in ONE weekend. Bad for buyers, but very successful for sellers (and brokers).

For some of us, myself included, success can be very big or super duper tiny. Nonetheless, be proud of what you accomplished today. We can not restart 2021 over again (and I'm pretty sure my body would reject celebrating the new year again so soon), but what you can do is move forward and acknowledge those successes. Mr. Lombardi is correct in his statement above because if you do not move, do not set goals, do not WORK, success will not happen. What does success mean for you?


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